Cotton Quilts Handed out to Freshmen Students on Huxi Campus

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yabo88  On 13 November 2015, cotton quilts were handed out to students who are from poor families. 720 freshmen students got brand new cotton quilts and quilt covers and this was the 11th year that students on Huxi Campus had received cotton quilts for winter. A simple handing out ceremony was held at 12:30pm in Lecture Room 126 of the General Building, hosted by the Management Committee of Huxi Campus. Tian Ming, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Chongqing University Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee on Huxi Campus, delivered a speech at the ceremony and Wang Yuhong, Vice Secretary of the Party Working Committee on Huxi Campus and Director of Student Work Office of the Management Committee, Jiang Lin, Director of the Logistics Office of the Management Committee, Shi Qin, Director of General Office of the Management Committee, Fang Weitao, Director of Internet Office of the Management Committee, instructors from each School of Chongqing University and the 720 students, to whom the quilts would be handed out, attended the ceremony. 


  At the beginning of the ceremony, Party Secretary Tian Ming expressed his concern for the students and he said, “Dear fellow students, we can’t choose what kind of family to be born into, but hardship is not formidable. It’s temporary and I hope all of you will stay optimistic, be active, and embrace various challenges independently, confidently, bravely, with self-esteem.” And his second wish was that students turn this concern from Chongqing University into motivation for studying, aim high in their life and study, strive hard and try not to fail to meet the expectations from their parents as well as the University. Then, Jiang Lin, Director of the Logistics Office of the Management Committee, checked the name list of the students who were supposed to get quilts and did the roll call.


yabo88  Wang Chengming, a student from School of Civil Engineering, gave a speech on behalf of all the students who would get quilts and quilt covers. He expressed his gratitude and appreciation towards leaders and teachers in this university by quoting the words from Madame Curie “No matter how proud you are of your achievements, don’t forget where it comes from. You should remember that your teachers sowed the first seed for them”. Everyone present listened attentively and the whole process of the ceremony was heartwarming and touching.


yabo88  After the ceremony, students were grouped according to Schools and guided to Meeting Room 125 of General Building by their instructors for quilts and quilt covers. The quilt-distributing spot was in good order and students were happy with quilt in hands. Zhang Ya, a student from School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, gave us an interview after she got quilts with her partner. She said she felt thankful towards the concern from the university leaders and she likes the quilt she got with delicate small flowers on the quilt cover, which is quite suitable for girls. The students were full of joy, which could be seen from the warm smiles on their faces. 


   Though there were 720 quilts to be handed out, the whole distributing process was orderly and lasted less than two hours thanks to the helpful guidance from teachers and assistance from the working staffs. 

yabo88  According to Zhou Hongyao, a teacher from Student Working Office, teachers who are in charge of this quilt-distributing program would pick up high quality quilts with simple but nice covers, and they even pay attention to choose suitable patterns in the quilt covers based on the gender ratio, letting them really feel the concern from the university. What’s more, more supporting ways are provided for students with poor family backgrounds. Till now, 22 work-study programs have been established, providing 560 work-study jobs. This not only helped relieve students of economic pressure, but also gave full play to students’ strengths and improved their abilities through practice. The ways for work-study programs will be continuously promoted and regular meetings will be held for communication among students. Students’ opinions will be taken into consideration, to encourage them to participate more actively.

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